December 12, 2019 – December 13, 2019 all-day
IITM Research park
Dr. R. Vinu

About Pyroasia2019

PYRO international conference has been a successful scientific event to bring together experts, working on Analytical and Applied Pyrolysis. To increase interaction and collaboration among researchers within Asia, IIT Madras and Frontier Laboratories, Japan, are organizing the first regional International Symposium on Analytical and Applied Pyrolysis. This symposium provides unique opportunity to get updates on recent trends on analytical and applied pyrolysis research and applications from the experts in the field.

The scientific program will cover the following topics, but not limited to:

Analytical Pyrolysis

  • Fundamental studies of Pyrolysis
  • Pyrolysis reaction kinetics/degradation kinetics
  • Analytical pyrolysis-Material characterization
  • Environmental analysis (microplastics, flame retardants, PCBs, VOC, e-wastes)
  • Food Safety and Food Authenticity
  • Forensic Applications
  • Geology and conservation studies

Applied Pyrolysis                                                                            

  • Pyrolysis of biomass, algae, coal, petroleum, polymers, e-wastes, etc.
  • Applied pyrolysis for energy, recycling including plastic wastes
  • Reactive pyrolysis (catalytic, hydro-pyrolysis)
  • Co-pyrolysis

The first edition of the symposium will feature keynotes and invited lectures by eminent scientists from academia, national labs and industry from India and other countries in Asia. Besides, a number of poster presentations by students and industry participants are included for better interactions and networking among the various research groups.

A pre-conference workshop on the fundamentals of analytical and applied pyrolysis is also planned on the 11 Dec. 2019. Interested participants are also welcome to register for the pre-conference workshop.

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