Research Proposal Seminar – Ms. T. Krishnaveni, CH15D200

June 18, 2018 @ 3:00 pm – 4:00 pm
MSB 241
Mechanical Sciences Block
Alumni Ave, Indian Institute Of Technology, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600036
Department of Chemical Engineering
044 22574150

Title: Dynamics of a particle in inertial flows and vortices

Inertial focusing is a separation technique where particles in an axial flow migrate laterally to equilibrium positions in the presence of finite inertia. These equilibrium positions form mainly due to the balance of two lift forces, namely wall lift force (which repels the particle away from the wall) and shear gradient lift force (which directs the particle towards the wall). These equilibrium positions can be altered by changing the shear gradient profile.
Several applications of inertial migration of particles such as sheathless alignment of cells, cancerous tumor cells isolation, blood filtration, separation of cells from one fluid to another will be discussed.
Different numerical methods which are used to solve this class of problems will be discussed. The immersed boundary method is employed to model the flow field of the fluid containing the particle. The advantages of this method are that the use of body conformal mesh is not necessary and any type of complex boundaries and multiphase problems can be handled. The numerical approach used is validated by solving several standard problems. The gaps present in the literature and the possible areas in the field of inertial focusing to be explored will be discussed.