Short Term Course on Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics

June 24, 2019 – June 29, 2019 all-day
MSB 241
Mechanical Sciences Block
IIT Madras
Dr. Ethayaraja Mani & Dr. T. Renganathan
044 22574157 /86

About Course

Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics (CET) is one of the core courses in the undergraduate B.E./B.Tech. curriculum in Chemical Engineering. A CET course includes topics on heat-work conversion, phase and reaction equilibria calculations. In most of the institutes/colleges, every core course but CET is taught along with a corresponding laboratory course. Introducing a lab course on CET will greatly facilitate better learning of CET concepts, which are usually perceived by the students as abstract. The pivotal goal is to enable the students to appreciate the elegance yet broad usefulness of CET principles via experimental demonstration of concepts. Recently at the Chemical Engineering Department in our Institute, we have introduced a CET lab course in the B.Tech. curriculum. The involvement of students and feed-back have been encouraging. This workshop is conducted to share our experience in the development of CET lab with our in-house experimental setups. The theoretical concepts of CET related to the experiments and analysis of the experimental data will also be discussed. It is expected that the participants who attend the workshop will be able to develop a CET lab in his/her own institute.

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