SENAI is an acronym for Systems Engineering of the Natural and the Artificial @ IIT Madras. The word Senai in Tamil also refers to an Army.

Vision for SENAI

Computational and experimental work in the fields of data science, energy systems, fluidics and systems biology is carried out by our group. Research in these areas is driven by an underlying ambition to understand, model and optimize the natural and man-made systems. Our research philosophy, at its core, explores diverse phenomena from a systems perspective. This perspective views any system as a synergistic whole rather than disparate parts; understanding of the system, as a result, emerges from a constructionist rather than a reductionist framework. In most cases, our experimental work flows out of theoretical and computational work, when non-intuitive and/or exciting possibilities are uncovered. Consequently, the experimental work is either largely translational or loops back for further enhancement of our conceptual understanding of the underlying system. This theme pervades – in small or large measure – all areas of SENAI research.