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Department of Chemical Engineering, IIT Madras

Pratik V. Tawade

Name: Pratik Vishnupant Tawade

ID: CH19M030

Email id:

Contact: Room #164, Brahmaputra, IIT Madras

Educational Background:
B.Tech. in Chemical Engineering, ICT- Jalgaon, KBCNMU - Class of 2019.

Currently pursuing MTech in Chemical Engineering, Indian Institute of Technology Madras, Chennai

Academic Interests:
Microfluidics, Softmatter, Biomimetic design, Frugal Science

1. Selected as the "Top 16 Global Health Innovations in the World 2021" by Bay Area Global Health Alliance.
2. Recipient of the scholarship offered by German Academic Exchange Service DAAD KOSPIE Program 2020 to study at Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT), Karlsruhe, Germany
3. Awarded second prize in Research Flash Talk at Chemplus 2019 at IIT Madras.

1. Investigating the performance of Pd/TiO2 Catalyst for the direct synthesis of hydrogen peroxide. Prof. S. Pushpavanam, IIT Madras and Prof R. Dittmeyer, IMVT, KIT, Germany.
2. Scalable flow based microfluidic concentration gradient generator for drug and serial dilution applications. Prof. Abhijit Majumder, IIT Bombay
3. Paper based low cost diagnostic device for the detection of Schistosomiasis. Prof. Manu Prakash, Stanford University.

About Me:
I enjoy exploring various stuff around and spending time in the nature, acknowledging the beauty and science underlying. I am strong believer of Curiosity Driven Learning. During my free time I like to travel and read books. I am also engaged in open science community projects. I also blog in my free time, Feel free to write to me if it interests or fascinates you.