Goyal Research Group

The overall goal of our research group is to develop and utilize state-of-the-art computational tools to enable predictive modeling of multiphase and multiphysics reactors with applications in clean energy and process intensification technologies. Our goal is to improve the fundamental understanding of complex reactors and develop design tools for their optimization and scale-up. For this purpose, we employ High Performance Computing (HPC) and emerging data science techniques. Some of the target applications are the thermochemical conversion of biomass into biofuels and chemicals, chemical-looping combustion for carbon capture, and microwave-assisted process intensification.

Dr. Himanshu Goyal has recently been featured in HPCE highlights at IIT Madras:

To learn more about how our research group uses high performance computing in clean energy technologies, watch the seminar delivered by Dr. Goyal during the recent HPCE workshop at IIT Madras:

Graduate students interested in joining the lab should email to goyal@iitm.ac.in