Brabender® Plasticorder® – Mixer

The Brabender®Plasticorder®is a torque rheometer for all kinds of process-technical investigations or processing tasks in laboratories and simulation for polymers. At PECS, we have a Brabender®Plasticorder®LabStation (drive) connected with a Measuring Mixer W50. This combination serves purpose for the optimizing processing properties of thermoplastics, thermosets, elastomers, fillers, pigments and more plastic and plastifying materials.


Brabender ®Plasticorder ®Labstation


16 kW

Measuring Range

400 Nm

Torque Deviation

0.15 %

Speed Range

0.2 – 350 rpm

Temperature zones

8 zones

Measuring Mixer W50

Volume of the mixer

55 cm3

Maximum torque

200 Nm

Maximum Temperature Range

200 – 500 0C




The user-optimized WINMIX software is used for the evaluation of the results according to the latest standards. For more details: