GN1101 Life Skills 1


The life skills program aims to address those topics that are not taught in a regular curriculum of an engineering college. The objective of this program is to help the student cope with life in general and college life in particular.With this program we wish to help develop a mature, well rounded and independent person and transform the student into becoming a successful engineer.

Course Contents:

The contents of the program are aimed at creating a confident ,mature individual. The curriculum is built around one single topic which is the Ability to Get Along. Under this topic are sub topics, like Cross cultural skills, Personal grooming,Dining etiquette, falling in love with oneself and body language.

Text Books:

Carnegie, Dale. How to win friends and influence people. Simon and Schuster, 2010.Pease, Allan. Body language: how to read other thoughts by their gestures. Sheldon Press, 1981.Hofstede, Geert, Gert Jan Hofstede, and Michael Minkov. Cultures and organizations: Software of the mind. Vol. 2. London: McGraw-Hill, 1991.

Reference Books:

Morris, Desmond. Manwatching: A field guide to human behaviour. Ed. G. Desebrock. New York, NY: HN Abrams, 1977.