AM1100 Engineering Mechanics

Course Contents:

Equilibrium of rigid bodies, free body diagram, Analysis of beams and trusses, Equilibrium of continuous systems -derivation of relation between load, shear force and bending moment. Energy conservation in rigid bodies -potential energy and elastic energy. Virtual work in multibody assemblies. Lumped mass models in Dynamics -Particle motion in cylindrical c0ordinates, engineering applications of central force motion. Kinetics of rigid bodies -translation and rotation motion of a rigid body, relative motion with translating and rotating axes and Coriolis acceleration. Kinematics of rigid bodies -3-D properties of sections, angular momentum of rigid bodies and energy relations for rigid bodies. Mechanical vibrations of single degree of freedom systems -free vibration of rigid bodies, general equations of motion and response to forced sinusoidal loading.

Reference Books:

1. Beer F.P. and Johnston E.R., Vector Mechanics for Engineers – Volume I – Statics, Volume II – Dynamics, McGraw Hill, New York.

2. Merlam J.L and Kraige L.G., Engineering Mechanics, Volume I – statics, Volume 11- dynamics, John Wiley & Sons, New York.

3. Shames L.H., Engineering Mechanics, Prentice HaII, New Delhi