CH2014 Fundamentals of Heat & Mass Transfer


This course will enable students to understand the basic concepts and principles of Heat and Mass Transfer. The course will highlight the analogies in the molecular and convective transport of heat and mass, thereby providing a unifying framework for appreciating transport phenomena principles. It also develops the necessary background that will prepare the student to apply the heat and mass transfer concepts in the design of industrial heat exchanger and separation processes equipment.

Course Contents:

1. Illustrations of conductive and convective transport: Shell balance approach illustrating Fourier’s and Fick’s laws, Mass transfer in a falling film, Solid dissolution, Conduction in composite rectangular and cylindrical solids, Critical thickness of insulation, Heat transfer in fins, Mass transfer and chemical reaction

2. Concept of transport coefficients: Concept of equilibrium, Concept of film transfer coefficients, Overall transfer coefficients, F and k type of mass transfer coefficients, Analogy between heat and mass transfer

3. Prediction of Convective Heat and Mass Transfer Coefficients – Dimensional Analysis, standard correlations in natural and forced convection, Thermal and concentration boundary layer theories

4. Turbulent heat and mass transfer

5. Principles of Discrete and Differential Separations: Equilibrium stage, Cocurrent, crosscurrent and countercurrent staged operation, Kremser’s Equations

6. Introduction Boiling and Condensation: Pool and flow boiling, Filmwise and dropwise condensation

Text Books:

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Reference Books:

1. Cussler, E. L. : “Diffusion – Mass Transfer in Fluid Systems”, 3rd ed. Cambridge, 2009.

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