CA5040 Principles of Surface Analysis


Classification of techniques on the basis of input and output probes. Thermal in neutral out techniques, TPX methods qualitative and quantitative aspects of TPX techniques. Temperatureprogrammed technique: pulse adsorption; temperatureprogrammed reduction and desorption; surface acidity estimation. Photon in techniques – Spectroscopic methods in catalyst characterization: UVVis and FTIR spectral analysis of catalysts and surfaces. Photoelectric effect: basic principles of electron spectroscopy, classification of various spectroscopies. Photoelectron spectroscopy: XPS and UPS) experimental methodselectron energy analysisphoton sources angular dependencecross section and its determinationvalence and core photoemission Koopmans’ theoremquantum chemical methodsfinal state effects Electron energy loss spectroscopy: Franck and Hertz experiment instrumentation selection rulestheory studies on molecules surface states high resolution spectroscopy adsorption and catalysis applications. Auger electron spectroscopy: introduction instrumentation classification of various transitions-applications Related techniques: inverse photoemission spin resolved photoemission recent advances in instrumentationbrighter photon sources. Electron in techniques – AES and EELS techniques, EIS Ion in techniques ISS and other ion sputtering techniques

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