CA5350 Catalysis in Petroleum Technology


Origin, composition of petroleum; production of different fuel fractions: refinery operations;primary processing, secondary processing, thermal and catalytic methods; analysis, tests and specifications for petroleum fuels; catalytic cracking: catalysts, processes; catalytic reforming: reactions, catalysts, processes; hydrodesulfurization (HDS) of fuel fractions, catalysts, active centres and mechanisms; deep desulfurization of diesel fuels; sweetening of kerosene, alternate desulfurization methods; desulfurization of FCC naphtha; hydrocracking: catalysts and processes; processing of heavy oils – hydrodemetallization, residue HDS; lube oil production – dewaxing, wax isomerization: catalysts and processes. alkylates for petrol – current processes, use of solid acids; light naphtha isomerization, catalysts and current processes; oxygenate additives; sulfur recovery from fuel processing operations; H2production; deactivation of catalysts; regeneration of catalysts; recovery of materials; types of reactors used in fuels processing.

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