CH5013 Principles of Fuel Cells


To familiarize students with the principles of fuel cells

Course Contents:

Introduction: Working of a fuel cell; Brief history of development; Fuel cell in comparison with a battery and a heat engine; Types of fuel cellsThermodynamics of fuel cells: Review of thermodynamic concepts; Reversible cell potential; Effect of operating conditions on reversible cell potential; Energy conversion efficiencyElectrochemistry of fuel cells: Electrode potential and cell polarization; Review of electrochemical kinetics; Activation polarization for charge transfer reaction; Butler-Volmer equation; ElectrocatalysisTransport phenomena in fuel cells: Basic definitions of multicomponent mixtures; Transport of mass, momentum and energy; Transport coefficients and their evaluation; Concentration polarization; Transport of electricity and ohmic polarizationCharacterization of cell performance; Fuel cell stack; Balance of plant systemsIntroduction to fuel cell systems: Alkaline fuel cells; Phosphoric acid fuel cells; Proton exchange membrane fuel cells; Molten carbonate fuel cells; Solid oxide fuel cells

Text Books:

  1. Li X., Principles of Fuel Cells, Taylor & Francis, 2006.Barbir, F. PEM Fuel Cells: Theory and Practice, Academic Press, 2005.
  2. Viswanathan B. and Aulice Scibioh Fuel Cells: Principles and Applications, CRC Press, 2007.