CH5400 Microelectronic Fabrication


Review of Chip Manufacturing Process, FEOL and BEOL conceptsBEOL: Interconnect formation, importance of BEOL for delay and yield,Process IntegrationLithography: Layout, mask, photo, basic steps in litho, stepper vs.scanner, Depth of Focus, RET, OPC, PSM partial field chipsDeposition: PVD & CVD concepts, Electrochemical depositions, Electromigrationvs grain size, Atomic Layer DepositionMaterial Removal: Wet and Dry etching, Aluminum and Oxide etching,Chemical Mechanical Planarization, Dishing, Erosion, Issues in ShallowTrench IsolationFEOL: Review of electron band structure, MOSFET operation, FEOL integration28Diffusion and Ion Implementation: Interstitial and Substituional diffusion,Constant Source and Limited Source Diffusion, Dopant redistribution,lateral diffusion, Ion implantation mechanism, Channeling, RTATesting and Yield: Parametric (Scribeline) and product testing, Analysisof sort (bin) test, Parametric test structures, Memory Tests, MemoryRepair, IDDQ, QBD, Reliability, Defectivity, Poisson, Murphy, SEEDSand gamma models, Concepts of Critical Area, redundancy, Analysis ofinline, scirbeline and test dataTools and Techniques: AFM, STM, SEM, TEM, AES, ESCA (XPS),SIMS, AAS, Ellipsometry, FIB, Interferometry, Pulse Technology, Fourpoint probe

Text Books:

  1. Introduction to Microelectronic Fabrication, Vol 5 of Modular Serieson Solid State Devices (2 nd Edition) by Richard C Jaeger, PrenticeHall, 2001

Reference Books:

  1. ULSI Technology by C Y Chang and S M Sze, McGraw Hill, 1996
  2. The Science and Engineering of Microelectronic Fabrication (2 ndEdition) by S A Campbell, Ox Univ. Press 2001