CH5460 Unit Operation and Processes in Env.Engg.


Introduction, Definition and Principles.Water and wastewater Treatment – Physical and chemical treatmentmethods – Screening, sedimentation, flocculation, softening, filtration,aeration and gastransfer, basic activated sludge process, membraneseparation; disinfection.Air Pollution Control – Particulate control – centrifugal separation,cyclones, Electrostatic precipitators, wet collectors, filtration, – gas  cleaning – adsorption, absorption, incineration.Solid Waste Management – Component separation, volume reduction,incineration, landfill design, deepwellinjection.Special topics – Advanced oxidation processes including ozonation andphotocatalysis. VOC removal methods, Sludge handling & disposal methods.

Text Books:

  1. ”Environmental Engineering” – H Peavy, D Rowe and GTchobanoglous, McGraw Hill Book Company, International Edition,1985.
  2. “Unit Operations and Processes in Environmental Engineering” –Reynolds T.D and P.A Richards, CENGAGE Engineering, 2 ndEdition, USA, 1995