CH5050 – Advanced Chemical Engg Thermodynamics

CH5050 – Advanced Chemical Engg Thermodynamics


  • This core course in advance chemical engineering thermodynamics aims to connect the concepts, and laws of classical thermodynamics to applications that require quantitative knowledge of thermodynamic properties at macroscopic level.
  • The purpose of this course is to present a broad understanding of the thermodynamics of phase equilibria typically encountered in design of chemical processes, in particular, in separation operations.
  • Phase and chemical equilibria of multi-component systems are covered. While on one hand molecular thermodynamics are discussed to understand the multi-component interactions; practical cases and industrial applications are emphasized through interactive tutorial session.

Learning Outcome:

  • At the end of the course, students will be able to formulate solutions to phase equilibrium problems for complex systems based on classical and molecular thermodynamics
  • Students will be able to relate thermodynamic concepts to applications in the separations, particularly related to petroleum and chemical process industries

Course Content:

Laws of thermodynamics, Entropy calculations, Maxwell relations, Equilibrium and stability, Thermodynamic properties of single phase, Single and multicomponent systems, Chemical potential, Fugacities, Activities, Activity coefficients, Solubility of solids/ liquids/ gases in liquids/ gases, Vapour – Liquid equilibria at low and high pressures, Liquid – liquid equilibria, Solid – Vapour – Liquid equilibria, Colligative properties, Phase equilibria in polymer solutions, Electrolytes, Chemical equilibria, Equilibrium constants for homogeneous and heterogeneous reactions, Simultaneous reaction and phase equilibria. Introduction to molecular thermodynamics, Intermolecular forces, Potential function

Reference Books:

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