Project Position on topic “Drying paint, insecticide and pesticide drops”

Project Position — Appointment done

Supervisors: Madivala G. Basavaraj and Sumesh P Thampi

Requirement: M.Tech/M.Sc (Chemical engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Physics, Chemistry, Material Science)


Drying paint, insecticide and pesticide drops

Evaporation of drops is a simple and inexpensive method to deposit a variety of insoluble solutes such as nanoparticles, microspheres, polymers, proteins, DNA and other living organisms on solid substrates. Drying of suspension drops on solid substrates in particular has received considerable interest due to interesting physics and applications. The evaporation of a particle laden sessile drop leading to the formation of a ring like deposit of particles commonly referred to as “coffee-ring” is undoubtedly, the most striking example of this phenomena (Figure 1). The widely accepted mechanism of coffee ring formation is the transport of particles to the pinned contact line of the drop as a result of the outward radial flow of the career liquid.

Through this project we plan to investigate kinetics and patterns formed in drying drops of 1) paint and 2) insecticide and pesticide formulations.

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