CH5180 – Steady State and Dynamic Analysis of Physiochemical Processes

CH5180 – Steady State and Dynamic Analysis of Physio chemical Processes

Course Content:

  • Examples of non linear behavior in physico-chemical systems; Steady state behavior of zeroth order reaction in a CSTR, Multiplicity of solutions, Importance of physical simplifications,
  • First order exothermic reaction in a CSTR, multiplicity of solutions,
  • Positive feed back effect, Singularity theory and its applications to classify the bifurcation diagrams,Normal Forms, universal unfolding and critical surfaces across which diagrams change
  • Linear stability analysis: 1D and 2D systems. Saddle node and Hopf bifurcation,
  • Discrete maps: logistic map, period doubling bifurcation cascade, quasi periodic solutions, chaotic behavior
  • 3D systems: period doubling, chaost
  • Turing patterns, Lyapunov exponents and dimensions of attractors