CH5200 – Bioreactor Design and Analysis

CH5200 – Bioreactor Design and Analysis

Course Content:

  • Fundamentals: Overview of SLF and SSF; elements in bioreactor design- overview of bioreactor, its developments using microbial processes, mammalian cell culture, plant cell culture & environmental applications, bioreactors for combined reactions and separations; components of bioreactors and importance; classification of bioreactors- particularly Kafarov et al, Bungay & Belfort and Schuegerl methods etc.
  • Bioreactor operations: Setting up of bioreactor, identification of common factors, Safety strategy
  • Biochemical aspects of bioreactor analysis for cells and enzymatic reactions: Batch reactor- calculation of batch time, quantitative evaluation of batch processes, sources of non-ideality; continuous flow bioreactors- CFSTBR including chemostat and turbidostat and PFTBR, mean residence time, washout condition; recycle bioreactors; combination of bioreactors- SISO, MISO, MIMO etc.; Semi-continuous bioreactors including batch-fed and fed-batch.
  • Non-ideal behavior in bioreactors: Non-ideal parameters, models for non-ideal flow including single parameter and multi parameters; transient behavior- characterization of transient state, stability analysis including inhibition systems; phase plane and bifurcation analyses
  • Bioreactor modeling- Lumped and distributed parameter models, complexity of the model, parameter sensitivity.
  • Transport processes in bioreactors and control in bioreactors; application of CFD in bioreactor analysis; scale-up of bioreactors- criteria and methods including Hubbard and Ettler’s method; mechanical aspect of bioreactor design- guidelines, reactor vessel, agitator assembly etc.
  • Numerical problems associated throughout the course

Text book

  1. T Panda, Bioreactors analysis and design, Tata McGraw Hill, New Delhi, New York, 2011


  1. K Schuegerl, Biorection Engineering vols I & II, John Wiley, 1985
  2. T K Ghose : `Bioprocess Computations in Biotechnology, Ellis Horwood Publ., 1988.