CH8010 – Advanced topics in CFD

CH8010 – Advanced topics in CFD

Course Content:

The course content and the topics addressed may change from time to time. Some of the topics dealt with in the past (typically three to four topics per semester) are as follows:

  • Turbulence Modelling: Reynolds averaging; Turbulence closure problem; The one-equation model of turbulence closure; The k-epsilon model and its variants; Second moment closure; The Reynolds stress model
  • Grid Generation for Irregular Geometries: Structured and unstructured meshes; Coordinate transformation; Structured grid generation using transfinite interpolation; Structured grid generation using partial differential equations; Finite volume method on unstructured grids; Unstructured grid generation in 2-d using advancing front method; Delaunay triangulation
  • Dissipation and Dispersive Errors in Numerical Schemes: Dissipative errors; Dispersive errors; Control of errors; Monotonicity condition; Flux limiters; TVD schemes; ENO schemes
  • Advanced Iterative Schemes for the Solution of Algebraic Equations: ADI schemes; Strongly implicit procedures; Conjugate gradient techniques; Multigrid methods
  • Eulerian-Eulerian Two-phase Flow Modelling: Phasic balance equations; TIme-averaged phasic conservation equations; Space-averaged conservation equations; Time- and space-averaged conservation equations; Constitutive equations for inter-phase transfer.
  • Combustion Modelling: Conservation equations for a mixture of gases; General formulation for reacting mechanisms; Infinite rate chemistry and the mixture fraction chemistry; Finite-rate reactions governed by turbulence; Finite-rate reactions governed by chemical kinetics; Turbulence-chemistry interaction using flamelet modelling and pdf modelling approaches

References :

Reading Material: Extracts from reports and literature