CH7320 – Introduction to Statistical Thermodynamics

CH7320 – Introduction to Statistical Thermodynamics

Course Content:

Postulates of statistical mechanics, isolated system, entropy, correspondence of statistical approach with laws of macroscopic thermodynamics, ensembles: NVE, NVT, NPT, μVT. Entropy maximization. Partition functions and derivatives, fluctuations, energy, density, pressure, configurational integral, virial equation of state, ideal and non-ideal monoatomic and polyatomic gases, particle densities & molecular distribution functions (canonical ensemble). Equations relating thermodynamic properties to g(r). Potential of mean force. Grand-canonical ensemble & distribution functions, compressibility equation.

Integral equation theories I: g(r), YBG equations, BBGKY hierarchy, integral equation theories II: density expansion of pair correlaton function & direct correlation function; Ornstein-Zernicke equation, approximate closures & the PY and HNC equation, average energy, compressibility. Hard-sphere (HS) fluids & extended hard sphere theories (scaled-particle theory), Wertheim’s and Thiele’s solution to HS fluids. Analytical solutions of HS fluid EOS.

EOS for dense gases and liquids, intermolecular potentials. Einstein and Debye theory of crystals.


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