CH5026 Transport Phenomena in Catalysis


1.Familiarize with the basic principles of molecular and convective transport phenomena 2. Differentiate the roles played by convection, adsorption, diffusion and reaction in affecting the overall rate of reaction in heterogeneous catalysis 3. Discover the role of heat and mass transfer during chemical reactions occurring in homogeneous and heterogeneous catalysis 4. Develop awareness on the role of transport phenomena in catalytic processes relevant to the petrochemical industry


1. Basics: Differential and integral calculus 2. Molecular transport: Molecular transport properties “ viscosity, thermal conductivity and diffusivity, Ficks and Fouriers laws, Knudsen diffusion, Multicomponent diffusion, Transient heat and mass transfer 3. Basics of Fluid Flow: Laminar and turbulent flows, Bernoulli equation, friction factor, drag coefficient, Continuity and Navier-Stokes equations 4. Convective Transport: Interphase heat and mass transfer, Equilibrium, Convective transport coefficients, Boundary layers 5. Applications in Catalysis: Diffusion and reaction in homogeneous and heterogeneous catalysts, Thiele modulus and Effectiveness factor, Hatta modulus and enhancement factor. Setting up of equations of change for transport processes, their simplification and solution with applications in fixed bed reactors, catalyst requirements, and temperature-concentration profiles. Design of trickle bed and fluidized bed reactors for gas-liquid-solid reactions in petrochemical processes.


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