1. National Center for Catalysis Research (NCCR): Cutting edge research is performed in the domain of development of mesoporous heterogeneous catalysts with engineered pore size and pore size distribution. A number of complex organic transformations involving biomass model compounds and woody biomasses are carried out to selectively produce fine chemical intermediates or fuel molecules. A number of catalysts are also developed for (a) combustion reactions mainly to control automotive exhausts like NOx, CO2 and CO, and (b) electrochemical reactions related to environmental decontamination and H2 generation from water splitting, and (c) photocatalytic CO2 reduction to fuel molecules.

2. National Center for Combustion Research and Development (NCCRD): Equipped with state-of-the-art research facilities, the center is involved in combustion research in thematic areas related to thermal power, automotive, fire and aerospace propulsion. A number of Chemical Engineering faculty are involved in Thermal power and fire research sub-groups in NCCRD. Thermochemical conversion of biomass, plastics and mixed solid wastes using fast pyrolysis and hydrothermal liquefaction routes is pursued for the production of intermediates and biofuels. Moreover, combustion of Indian municipal solid wastes, modeling of underground coal gasification, microkinetic modeling of NOx reduction, and catalytic combustion in microreactors are carried out for better thermal efficiency and sustainable energy.