Polymer Engineering & Colloid Sciences

Multi-phase material systems with polymers and colloids are ubiquitous in diverse applications ranging from electronics, photonics to bio-medical and personal care products. Transport phenomena and thermodynamic studies of these materials are very useful in designing them. At the same time, the physico-chemical interactions at microscopic and molecular levels are also crucial to understand of the assembly, structure and dynamics of these materials.

Not only in bulk, the study of colloids and polymers also includes investigating them at surfaces/ interfaces, and in thin films and membranes. Combintion of them, eg polymer reinforced with filler and polymer stabilized colloids, are also common. Characterization and understanding of the mechanical, thermal and electrical response is very crucial for their applications.
Polymer Engineering and Colloid Sciences group focuses on examining polymers and colloids in a whole gamut of research projects. Experimental tools and modeling/simulation strategies are utilized in the group to study various aspects, such as: Anisotropic colloids,Complex fluid interfaces, Conducting polymers and printing of devices, Formation of nanoparticles, Ionic polymer membranes, Mechanics of viscoelastic solids, Patchy colloids,Rheology of complex fluids

Faculty Members

Dr. Abhijit P. Deshpande

Dr. Basavaraj M Gurappa

Dr. Ethayaraja Mani

Dr. Susy Varughese

Dr. Sumesh Thampi

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