Keithley Conductivity Meter

Keithley Model 6221 AC and DC Current Source provide lower noise and higher accuracy current sourcing, including output AC and arbitrary (ARB) waveforms (6221). They are used with the Keithley Model 2182A nanovoltmeter. 6221/2182A combination is used in these types of applications: Differential conductance; low-power pulse or low-power resistance measurements; or four-point resistivity, Hall measurement, and/or conductivity type testing.Specifications:

6221 AC and DC Current Source:

  • Range 2nA to 100mA with a resolution of 100 fA
  • WAVEFORMS: Sine, Square, Ramp, and 4 User Defined Arbitrary Waveforms.
  • OUTPUT RESISTANCE: >10^14Ω. (2nA/20nA range)
  • OUTPUT CAPACITANCE: <10pF, <100pF Filter ON. (2nA/20nA range)

2182A Nanovoltmeter:

  • Range: 10mV to 100V with a resolution of 1nV
  • DELTA MODE RESISTANCE MEASUREMENTS and DIFFERENTIAL CONDUCTANCE: Controls Keithley Model2182A Nanovoltmeter at up to 24Hz reversal rate (2182 at up to12Hz).
  • PULSE MEASUREMENTS: Pulse widths 50μs to 12ms, 1pA to 100mA.