Dynamic Light Scattering – DLS

Horiba Partica LA 950

Technical Specifications

Measurable size range : 10nm – 3,000 (3mm)
Accuracy: +/- 0.6% of standard tolerance on polystyrene latex standards
Light Source: 5 mW 650 nanometer red laser diode and 3 mW 405 nanometer blue light emitting diode (LED)
Detectors: 87 detector high-resolution silicon photodiode array
75 detectors for forward/low-angle light scattering
12 detectors for high-angle and backscatter light scattering
Horiba Nanopartica SZ-100
Technical Specifications
Laser Source : DPSS 532 nm, 10 mW Class I

Temp control range: 1-90 for particle size, 1-70 for zeta potential

Operating temp and humidity: 15-35, Relative humidity = 85% or less, no condensation

Particle Size: DLS technique

Measurable Size Range Particle Diameter: 0.3 nm to 8 microns

Concentration Lower Limit: 0.1 mg/ml and lesser

Upper Limit: 40 wt% depending on sample

Sampling volume 12 microL to 4mL depending on sample

Zeta Potential: Laser doppler electrophoresis technique

Measurable range -200 mV to +200 mV

Sampling volume 100 microL for Disposable cell

Molecular Weight: Static Light scattering Debye plot technique

Measureable Range Mw: 1×103 – 2×107 g/mol
Sampling volume atleast 5 different concentration samples