A. P. Raghu Uttaman

Mr. A. P. Raghu Uttaman


Junior Superintendent

MSB 126





All duties relating to MS & Ph.D. admission for department like (i) constitution of committees and communication to faculty members, (ii) preparation of test/interview call letters to all MS & PhD candidates, (iii) rooms booking for conducting exam, (iv) transport arrangement to students for writing exam, (v) assisting for declaration of results, (vi) transport allowance for all PhD candidates, individual meet, confirmation of amount for all, preparation of TA statement to accounts and communication to accounts, (vii) certificates verification of all MS & PhD candidates, (viii) coordination for refreshment arrangements, account maintenance and settlement of accounts with accounts section, (ix) preparation of 6 consolidated statements (A-3) of all the successful candidates, separately for all modes of study like HTRA, External, Part-time, Project, for approval by the Academic section and follow-ups for approvals, (x) preparation of admission orders to MS & PhD candidates for all the modes, (xi) arrangement for photo-sessions for both MS & PhD new joinees, (xii) preparation of presentation materials to faculty meeting, etc.

All duties relating to PDF admission for department like (i) selection of DE committee members, (ii) constitution of DEC members communication to all members and follow-up, (iii) seminar evaluation papers preparation, (iv) seminar coordination and communication to all attendees, (v) putting up of all papers to DEC, (vi) communication of selection to academic section, (vii) follow-up of papers, (viii) prepation of final admission letters along with medical forms to the selected candidates, (ix) certificates verification of PDF joinees, joining reports, attendance, etc (x) monthly fellowship statement preparation (acquittance), (xi) constitution of PAC and communication (x) prepation of minutes of the PAC.

All duties relating to QIP admission for [(i) M.Tech., (ii) MS., & (iii) Ph.D)] like (i) selection of DE committee members, (ii) constitution of DEC members communication to all members and follow-up for test and interview, (iii) test & interview committee communication (iv) verification of certificates, (v) communication of result to CEC (vi) other works like TA for candidates, etc (vii) periodical visit by the selected candidates


All duties relating to Summer Fellowship Programme like (i) assist for short-listing of candidates, (ii) communication of all selected candidates, (iii) replace with new student(s) for non-joinees – repeated exercise done, (iv) preparation of consolidated statement, (v) organising for fellowship and payment for first-month and second-month respectively, (vi) attendance monitoring, (vi) arrange for internet facilities, (vii) arrange for seminar by the candidates, (viii) arrange for relief of all the candidates, (ix) preparation of certificate-of-merit to all candidates, (x) despatch of certificates.

All duties relating to TA duty allocation like (i) checking with dealing assistants the total list of M.Tech, MS and PhD, (ii) display of consolidated list in the notice board, (iii) coordinate with faculty incharge about the list, (iv) uploading the list of TAs for M.Tech, MS and PhD in workflow, (v) attend to discrepancies, if any, during the semester (vi) arrange for HTRA/HTTA if payment is not received.

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