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The Chemical Engineering Department at IITM is a happening place with an exciting bunch of talented faculty and motivated students. The last few years have seen a dramatic increase in industrial collaboration and consultancy, research projects, research publications and faculty awards. Our students have actively participated in National and International Conferences and won many Best Paper/poster awards. In recent years, several publications have made it to the Journal Cover pages.
We have revised our academic curriculum to be in tune with the current developments in the field while retaining the core concepts from the discipline. Faculty introduce new electives related to their research and these are pretty well subscribed.
The Department’s vision is to be a global centre of academic and research excellence in Chemical Engineering Sciences and Technology, where knowledge is vigorously and meticulously pursued and disseminated, application to industry and society is valued, free thinking is encouraged, intellectual rigour is demanded and thoroughness is rewarded. We are in the process of establishing world class research facilities and research groups in specific areas of energy, environment and materials.

List of the  Head and their lead role period history

Head of Department



Prof. D. Venkateswarlu 1959 – 1971
Prof. T. Gopi chand 1971 – 1975
Prof. M. Satyanarayana 1975 – 1978
Prof. Y.B.G. Varma 1978 – 1981
Prof. P. R. Krishnaswamy 1981 – 1982
Prof. M. Ramanujam 1982 – 1985
Prof. N. Subramanian 1985 – 1989
Prof. C. A. Sastry 1989 – 1991
Prof. M.S. Ananth 1991 – 1994
Prof. Ch. D. P. Rao 1994 – 1997
Prof. K. Krishnaiah 1997 – 2000
Prof. M. Chidambaram 2000 – 2003
Prof. A.R. Balakrishnan 2003 – 2006
Prof. Shankar Narasimhan 2006 – 2009
Prof. S. Pushpavanam 2009 – 2012
Prof. P. Sesha Talpa Sai 2012 – 2015
Prof. A. Kannan 2015 – 2018

Prof. R. Nagarajan

Current HEAD

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Industry Tie-up

Thrust Areas / Future Research Plans

  • Energy– Thermochemical processing; Unconventional energy sources; Carbon capture and sequestration; Electrochemical energy systems; Process intensification, Process Safety; Computational Catalysis
  • Environment – Aerosol fate and transport; Modeling and remediation/restoration of environmental and ecological systems; Environmental sensors.
  • Materials – Synthesis and characterization of functional materials; Fabrication and testing of energy and display devices; Non-equilibrium statistical mechanics; multi-scale modelling
  • Systems Biology – Bioinformatics; Modelling of disease inception, growth and treatment; Biological network analysis.

Annual Reports

Annual Report 2019, Annual Report 2018, Annual Report 2017, Annual report 2016, Annual Report 2015, Annual Report 2013,
Annual Report 2012, Annual Report 2011, Annual Report 2010

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