About ChE Alumni

The Department of Chemical Engineering is striving to engage with alumni in multiple ways. We also received some support from alumni.

As one myself (BTCH-81), I know that it is not always easy to stay connected to your parent Department, even if you have chosen to stay true to your ChE calling. If you have veered off the straight & narrow path, and sought seemingly-greener pastures, it can be even more daunting to trace back your ChE roots. Believe me, it is worth the effort.

The days you spent wandering the halls of CHL, MSB and HSB have molded you into what you are today. They shaped your character, your professional outlook, your ability & willingness to learn and to innovate. The seeds were sown here, though the trees may have taken root elsewhere. Smelling that chalk on the old blackboard, sinking into the back row in MSB 240, tiptoeing outside the faculty member’s office door, watching while someone else does the lab experiment– these are not to be consigned to memory alone. You can relive these moments every time you visit the campus. Nothing is more rejuvenating than reconnecting to your early adulthood.

Alumni supported projects for Chemical Engineering Department

Funded ProjectFunded by
Chevron Chair in Chemical Engineering DepartmentAshok Krishna [1974/BT/CH]
Chemical Engineering Department Lab UpgradationAshok Krishna [1974/BT/CH]
Biomass Conversion to Fuel Intermediates and Value Added Products via Pyrolysis Research Project Chemical Engineering Department Ashok Krishna [1974/BT/CH]
Chemical Engineering Department development fundVarious Donors
Renovation of Chemical Engineering AuditoriumM.G. Parameswaran [1977/BT/CH], Shrikumar Suryanarayanan [1982/BT/CH] and Vijay Tatkar [1983/BT/CH]
ChemClaveVarious Donors
CHEMCON Various Donors
Symposium 2017 in Chemical Engineering DepartmentVarious Donors
The technical festival organised by the Chemical Engineering Society, Dept. of ChE, IIT Madras. Various Donors
Prof.Dr.YBG Varma Award for Teaching Excellence in Chemical Engineering Department Prof.Dr.YBG Varma family (Usha Y.Ramakrishna)
Prof. M S Ananth Institute Chair in Chemical Engineering DepartmentAshok Krishna [1974/BT/CH]
Prof. M S Ananth International SymposiumVarious Donors

If you are a practicing chemical engineer, there is a new generation of faculty and students ready to interact. Share your challenges with us; we’ll turn them into opportunities. Share your thoughts with us; we’ll turn them into reality. Share your present with us; we will, together, craft your future.

If you are an ad-executive, or a zookeeper, or anything in between, we can still talk. Share your life story with today’s students. You may inspire them to attempt something extraordinary. Let them know how the classroom and lab skills you imbibed during your ChE days have been your constant companions in your life journey. Fib a little, if you have to! Our youngsters look up to and trust alums. Build on this, and guide their foray into the real world.

In my “other” role as Dean of International & Alumni Relations, I see many alums on a daily basis, and I always keep count of how many of those choosing to reengage with the campus are ChE alums. A disproportionately high number are. Let us keep that flag flying high! We look forward to hosting each and every one of you on campus by 2020….


Prof. R. Nagarajan
Alumni Community Chair Professor
IIT Madras

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