Dr. Abhijit P. Deshpande

Dr. Abhijit P. Deshpande



HSB 151



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Research Areas

Polymeric materials, Ionic polymers, Rheology, Composite processing.

PRO Attainments

1996 –Doctor of Philosophy
University of Washington, Seattle.
1991 — Master of Science
University of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh.
1989 — Bachelor of Technology
Indian Institute of Technology Bombay.


Career History

1996 – Current
Faculty member (Chemical Engineering Department)
Indian Institute of Technology Madras, Chennai

Recent Publications


KA Ramya, R Srinivasan, AP Deshpande, Time dependent response of thixotropic systems: Insights from small amplitude oscillatory shear, Physics of Fluids 32 (1), 013109, 2020


JF Arokianathan, KA Ramya, A Janeena, AP Deshpande, N Ayyadurai, A Leemarose, G Shanmugam, Non-proteinogenic amino acid based supramolecular hydrogel material for enhanced cell proliferation, Colloids and Surfaces B: Biointerfaces 185, 110581, 2020


J John, D Ray, VK Aswal, AP Deshpande, S Varughese, Dissipation and strain-stiffening behavior of pectin–Ca gels under LAOS, Soft matter 15 (34), 6852-6866, 2019


V Naveen, S Raja, AP Deshpande, A two-step approach for synthesis, characterization and analysis of dicyclopentadiene–urea formaldehyde–siloxane-based double-walled microcapsules used in self-healing composites, International Journal of Plastics Technology 23, 157-169, 2019.


Ramya K. A., Kodavaty J., Dorishetty P., Setti M., Deshpande A. P., Characterizing the yielding processes in pluronic-hyaluronic acid thermoreversible gelling systems using oscillatory rheology, Journal of Rheology 63 (2), 215-228, 2019

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