Dr. Basavaraj Madivala Gurappa

Dr. Basavaraj Madivala Gurappa


Associate Professor

HSB 151



Research Homepage

Research Areas

Complex fluids and Soft materials.

PRO Attainments

Doctor of Philosophy
KULeuven, University in Leuven, Belgium
Master of Science
Indian Institute of Science
Bachelor of Technology
Bangalore University


Career History

2011 – Current
Faculty Member(Chemical Engineering Department)
Indian Institute of Technology Madras, Chennai

University of Delaware

Recent Publications


Shape-Anisotropic Colloids at Interfaces, Anjali, T.G., Basavaraj, M.G.,Langmuir 35(1), pp. 3-20


Kinetic stability of surfactant stabilized water-in-diesel emulsion fuels Preetika, R., Mehta, P.S., Kaisare, N.S., Basavaraj, M.G. Fuel 236, pp. 1415-1422


Patterns in Drying Drops Dictated by Curvature-Driven Particle, Transport Mondal, R., Semwal, S., Kumar, P.L., Thampi, S.P., Basavaraj, M.G. ,Langmuir 34(38), pp. 11473-11483


Nanoindentation of clay colloidosomes, Mallikarjunachari, G., Nallamilli, T., Ravindran, P., Basavaraj, M.G., Colloids and Surfaces A: Physicochemical and Engineering Aspects 550, pp. 167-175


Aggregation and Stabilization of Colloidal Spheroids by Oppositely Charged Spherical Nanoparticles, Upendar, S., Mani, E., Basavaraj, M.G., Langmuir
34(22), pp. 6511-6521

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