Dr. R. Nagarajan

Dr. R. Nagarajan [Head & Alumni Community Chair Professor]



NAC 445



Research Homepage

Research Areas

Ultrasonic and megasonic fields, cleanroom and contamination control, nano-particle synthesis and nano-composite formulation

PRO Attainments

1986 – Doctor of Philosophy
Yale University

1982 – Master of Science
Yale University

1981 – Bachelor of Technology
IIT Madras


Career History

2004 – Current
Indian Institute of Technology Madras, Chennai

GS Laddha Chair Professor
AC Tech, Anna University, Chennai

IBM Storage Systems Division
San Jose, CA

Research Associate Professor,
Mech. & Aerospace Eng., West Virginia University

Post – Doctoral Associate
Yale University

Recent Publications


Antibacterial and cytotoxic effects of turmeric root oil-based nano-scale system, Nirmala, M.J., Mahajan, P., Rakesh, A., Nagarajan, R., Journal of Bionanoscience 12(4), pp. 494-503


Mechanistic study of ultrasound-assisted solvent leaching of sodium and potassium from an Indian coal using continuous and pulsed modes of operation, Srivalli, H., Nagarajan, R.,Chemical Engineering Communications


Synergistic effect of mixed anionic and cationic surfactant systems on the interfacial tension of crude oil-water and enhanced oil recovery, Kumari, R., Kakati, A., Nagarajan, R., Sangwai, J.S., Journal of Dispersion Science and Technology


Ultrasonic extraction of natural dye from Rubia Cordifolia, optimisation using response surface methodology (RSM) & comparison with artificial neural network (ANN) model and its dyeing properties on different substrates, Vedaraman, N., Sandhya, K.V., Charukesh, N.R.B., (…), Sridharan, M.R., Nagarajan, R., Chemical Engineering and Processing – Process Intensification 114, pp. 46-54


Individual, co-transport and deposition of TiO2 and ZnO nanoparticles over quartz sand coated with consortium biofilm Kumari, J., Chandrasekaran, N., Nagarajan, R., Mukherjee, A., Journal of Environmental Chemical Engineering 4(4), pp. 3954-3960

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