Dr. S. Ramanathan

Dr. S. Ramanathan



MSB 239



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Research Areas

Electrochemical reaction analysis, technique development, corrosion and electrodeposition

PRO Attainments

2000 – Doctor of Philosophy
Clarkson University, USA

1996 – Master of Science
Clarkson University, USA

1993 – Bachelor of Technology
A.C. Tech., Anna University


Career History

2014 –Current
Indian Institute of Technology Madras

Associate Professor
IIT Madras

2003 – 2010
Assistant Professor

2000 – 2003
Senior Consulting Engineer
PDF Solutions, San Jose, USA

Recent Publications


Fabrication of Stainless Steel Metal Mask with Electrochemical Fabrication Method and Its Improvement in Dimensional Uniformity Ryu, H.-Y., Kim, M.-J., Yerriboina, N.P., Srinivasan, R., Park, J.-G. 2019 Electronic Materials Letters 15(1), pp. 7-17


Nonlinear measures and modeling to examine the role of physical and chemical crosslinking in poly(vinyl alcohol)-based crosslinked systems Ramya, K.A., Srinivasan, R., Deshpande, A.P. 2018 Rheologica Acta 57(2), pp. 181-195


Nonlinear impedance spectra analysis of CO poisoning on PEM fuel cell performance Pachimatla, R., Srinivasan, R. 2018 ECS Transactions 85(5), pp. 67-76


On the anodic dissolution of tantalum and niobium in hydrofluoric acid
Meethal Ranjith, P., Tirumala Rao, M., Sapra, S., Ivar Suni, I., Srinivasan, R. 2018 Journal of the Electrochemical Society 165(5), pp. C258-C269.

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