Dr. Upendra Natarajan

Dr. Upendra Natarajan



HSB 153



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Research Areas

Computational materials science, Statistical mechanics, Molecular simulation, Macromolecular science & Engineering, Nanoscale heterogenous materials

PRO Attainments

1998 – Doctor of Philosophy
Institute of Polymer Science, University of Akron, U.S.A.

1993 – Master of Science
The University of Kansas, U.S.A.

1990 – Bachelor of Technology
Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay


Career History

2009 –Current
Indian Institute of Technology Madras

Recent Publications


Role of multiple discrete heaters to minimize entropy generation during natural convection in fluid filled square and triangular enclosures Das, D., Lukose, L., Basak, T. 2018 International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer 127, pp. 1290-1312


Structure and solvation thermodynamics of asymmetric poly (acrylic acid)-b-polystyrene polyelectrolyte block copolymer micelle in water: Effect of charge density and chemical composition Chockalingam, R., Natarajan, U. 2018 Polymer 158, pp. 103-119


A Self-Consistent Lattice Formulation for Thermodynamic Properties of Multi-Component Polymer Mixtures Adsorbed at Solid Interfaces Shrinivas, K., Natarajan, U. 2018 Journal of Macromolecular Science, Part B: Physics 57(6), pp. 395-417


Molecular dynamic simulations study of the effect of salt valency on structure and thermodynamic solvation behaviour of anionic polyacrylate PAA in aqueous solutions Patel, K.H., Chockalingam, R., Natarajan, U. 2017 Molecular Simulation 43(9), pp. 691-705


Anionic polyelectrolyte poly(acrylic acid) (PAA) chain shrinkage in water–ethanol solution in presence of Li+and Cs+metal ions studied by molecular dynamics simulations Gupta, A.K., Natarajan, U. 2017 Molecular Simulation 43(8), pp. 625-637

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