Courses Offered

Courses Offered

Department of Chemical Engineering offered several Courses for B. Tech, M. Tech, MS, Ph.D. Here we have listed the Courses are offered in last three years.

Our department Faculties had offered video lecture in NPTEL . For that video lecture visit the NPTEL Website.

For more detail on Chemical engineering courses visit Academic Website of IIT Madras. ( only on intranet)

Core Courses Offered in Last 3 Years

SnoCoursenoCourse name Old Credit New Credit
1CH1020Principles & Calculations in Chemical410
2CH1020 Process Calculations44
3CH2010 Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics410
4CH2012Continuum Mechanics & Transport Phenomena410
5CH2013Computational Programming & Process Simulation Lab25
6CH2014Fundamentals of Heat and Mass Transfer40
7CH2015Fluid and Particle Mechanics410
8CH2016Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics Lab05
9CH2020Principles of Mass Transfer412
10CH2030 Momentum Transfer412
11CH2040 Mechanical Operations412
12CH2061 Computational Techniques410
13CH2082 Computational Prog. & Process Simulation Lab25
14CH2100 Chemical Technology310
15CH3010 Chemical Reaction Engineering I39
16CH3020 Chemical Reaction Engg. II412
17CH3030Applications of Mass Transfer410
18CH3040 Instrumentation & Process Control412
19CH3051 Process Heat Transfer 412
20CH3060 Transport Phenomena39
21CH3080 Process Equipment Design412
22CH3150 Renewable Energy Sources39
23CH3160 Polymeric Materials39
24CH3170 Ecological Engineering39
25CH3250 Innovation and Social Enterprises Lab26
26CH3500 Summer Training22
27CH3510 Momentum Transfer & MO Lab45
28CH3520 Heat & Mass Transfer Lab44
29CH4010 Chemical Process Des. & Economics412
30CH4110 Biochemical Engineering39
31CH4170 Catalyst Science & Technology39
32CH4510CRE & TDC Lab412
33CH4530Project I39
34CH4560 Project II618
35CH4620 Industrial Lecture11
36CH4960The Nuclear Energy Option99
37CH5010 Chemical Reactor Theory410
38CH5011 Colloids and Surfaces39
39CH5012Modelling and Simulation of Particulate Processes39
40CH5013Principles of Fuel Cells39
41CH5014Interfacial Science and Engineering39
42CH5015Process Safety39
43CH5016Systems Biology for engineers39
44CH5017Data Analysis for Modeling and Monitoring of Reaction Systems39
45CH5018Biomass Conversion Processes and Analysis39
46CH5020 Statistical Design and Analysis of Experiments39
47CH5021Molecular Simulation of Soft Matter39
48CH5022Solar Photoelectrochemistry39
49CH5030 Transport Phenomena410
50CH5050Advanced Chemical Engg Thermodynamics410
51CH5060 Seminar23
52CH5080 Theory & Appln. of Multi Component Mass Transfer39
53CH5090 Bioprocess Engineering39
54CH5100 Multiphase Systems39
55CH5120 Modern Control Theory39
56CH5130 Rheology of Complex Materials39
57CH5140 Process Analysis and Simulation39
58CH5160 Chemical and Catalytic Reaction Engg.39
59CH5170 Process Optimization39
60CH5180 Steady State & Dynamic Analysis of Physiochemical39
61CH5190 Introduction of Macromolecules39
62CH5200 Bioreactor Design and Analysis39
63CH5230 System Identification39
64CH5240 Upstream & Downstream Bioprocessing39
65CH5270 Polymers for Devices39
66CH5310 Molecular Science and Engineering39
67CH5350 Applied Time Series Analysis39
68CH5370 Environmental Quality Monitoring & Analysis39
69CH5400 Microelectronic Fabrication39
70CH5440 Multivariate Data Analysis for Process Modeling39
71CH5460 Unit Operation and Processes in Env.Engg.39
72CH5470 Graph Theory & Its Applns. in Process Design39
73CH5480 Bioprocesses in Environmental Mgmt.39
74CH5520 Mathematical Methods for Chemical Engineers410
75CH5530 Process Simulation Lab49
76CH5531 Advanced Chemical Engg Lab49
77CH5540 Project I33
78CH5541Advanced Topics in Momentum Transfer39
79CH5560Project II1130
80CH5561 Project III1240
81CH5600Introduction to Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy39
83CH5670 Project I - DD33
84CH5670+Project II99
85CH5680Project II - DD220
86CH5680 Project II2020
87CH5680 Project II - DD1616
88CH5680 Project II2020
89CH5680+Project III2222
90CH5690Project III100
91CH6010GIAN 151003B04: Fabrication, Testing and System Integration of Solid Oxide Fuel Cells13
92CH6020 Computational Fluid Dynamics Tech39
93CH6021Introduction to Research26
94CH6022Microwave Processing in Materials, Food and Medical Sciences39
95CH6030 Simulation, Optimization & Control of Mineral Proc39
96CH6050 Molecular Thermodynamics of Fluid Phase39
97CH6060 Numerical Tech for Engrs39
98CH6110 Finite Element Methods in Engg39
99CH6140 Advanced Topics in Trans.phenomena39
100CH6160 Advances in Fluidized Bed Chemical Process39
101CH6180 Molecular Theory of Solutions39
102CH6260Carbon Capture and Sequestration39
103CH6760Hydrodynamics of complex fluids39
104CH6999Special Topics in Chemical Engineering39
105CH7320 Statistical Thermodynamics39
106CH7999Special Topics in Chemical Engineering39
107CH8010 Advanced Topics in CFD39

Interdisciplinary Courses Offered in Last 3 Years

SnoCoursenoCourse nameOld CreditNew Credit
1CA5010Fundamentals of Adsorption and Catalysis39
2CA5020Principles of Solids and Surfaces39
3CA5030Experimental Methods in Catalysis39
4CA5040Principles of Surface Analysis39
5CA5050Catalyst Preparation & Charcterization Lab23
6CA5310Preparation and Properties of Catalysis39
7CA5320Homogeneous Catalysis39
8CA5350Catalysis in Petroleum Technology39
9CA5370Nano-materials in Catalysis39
10CA6110Catalysis in Green Chemistry & Envt.39
12CA6510Project (Stage II)2020
13CA6510*Project - Stage I620
14CA6520Seminar I13
15CA6530Seminar II13
16CY2010Kinetics and Catalysis39
18ID1200Ecology and Environment20
19ID6010Constitutive Modelling in Continuum Mechanics39
20ID6020Introduction to Research22
21ID6070Mechanics of Viscoelastic Materials39
22ME6000Computational Methods in Engg310
23MS3610Accounting and Finance for Engineers39
24NE6010Materials Selection for Nuclear Systems39
25NE6020Process Control and Instrumentation39
26NE6040Mechanical Design of Nuclear Energy Systems39
27NE6060Reliability and Safety Analysis39
28NE6070Nuclear Engg. Laboratory I23
29NE6080Nuclear Engg. Lab II23
30NE6100In Plant Training26
31NE6200*Project Phase-I1012
32NE6200+Project Phase - II2472
33NE6200+Project Phase - II2472
34NE6340Nuclear Materials Processing39
35NE6370Radiation Protection, Reactor Shielding & Radioati39
36WS1010Workshop I43

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