Dr. Jitendra Sangwai

Dr. Jitendra Sangwai



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Research Areas

Enhanced oil recovery, Flow assurance, Nanotech applications for O&G, Gas hydrates in bulk and porous media, Rheology of complex fluids, Drilling fluids, Polymer science; PVT studies

PRO Attainments

Doctor of Philosophy
IIT Kanpur
Master of Technology
IIT Kharagpur


Career History

6/2021- Current
Professor (Chemical Engineering Department)
Indian Institute of Technology Madras, Chennai

03/2019 – 05/2021
Professor (Ocean Engineering Department)
Indian Institute of Technology Madras (IITM), Chennai

07/2014 – 03/2019
Associate Professor (Ocean Engineering Department)
Indian Institute of Technology Madras (IITM), Chennai

08/2010 – 07/2014
Assistant Professor (Ocean Engineering Department)
Indian Institute of Technology Madras (IITM), Chennai

05/2013 – 06/2013
Visiting Professional
Schlumberger, India


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Gaikwad, N; Bhattacharjee, G; Sangwai, J S; Kumar, R; Linga, P (2021): Kinetic and Morphology Study of Equimolar CO2-CH4Hydrate Formation in the Presence of Cyclooctane and l -Tryptophan. In: Energy and Fuels, 35 (1), pp. 636-648, 2021, ISSN: 08870624. (Type: Journal Article | Links | BibTeX)
Perumalsamy, J; Gupta, P; Sangwai, J S (2021): Performance evaluation of esters and graphene nanoparticles as an additives on the rheological and lubrication properties of water-based drilling mud. In: Journal of Petroleum Science and Engineering, 204 2021, ISSN: 09204105. (Type: Journal Article | Links | BibTeX)
Rellegadla, S; Jain, S; Sangwai, J S; Lavania, M; Lal, B; Gieg, L; Rajasekar, A; Bera, A; Agrawal, A (2021): Wettability Alteration of the Oil-Wet Carbonate by Viscosity-Augmented Guar Galactomannan for Enhanced Oil Recovery. In: ACS Applied Polymer Materials, 3 (4), pp. 1983-1994, 2021, ISSN: 26376105. (Type: Journal Article | Links | BibTeX)
Medhi, S; Gupta, D K; Sangwai, J S (2021): Impact of zinc oxide nanoparticles on the rheological and fluid-loss properties, and the hydraulic performance of non-damaging drilling fluid. In: Journal of Natural Gas Science and Engineering, 88 2021, ISSN: 18755100. (Type: Journal Article | Links | BibTeX)
Jha, N K; Ivanova, A; Lebedev, M; Barifcani, A; Cheremisin, A; Iglauer, S; Sangwai, J S; Sarmadivaleh, M (2021): Interaction of low salinity surfactant nanofluids with carbonate surfaces and molecular level dynamics at fluid-fluid interface at ScCO2 loading. In: Journal of Colloid and Interface Science, 586 pp. 315-325, 2021, ISSN: 00219797. (Type: Journal Article | Links | BibTeX)
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