Technical Staff

Technical Staff

 K. Thirunavukkarasu
Technical Superintendent
044 22575172

Responsibility: Workshop in-charge, Fabrication of Experimental Facilities for UG -PG Students and Research Scholars ……for more details visit.

  J. Desinghu
Technical Superintendent

Responsibility: Boiler Maintenance and Operation, Fabrication of Experimental Setups for UG and Research Scholars, Condemnation and Disposal of Chemical, General and Electronic items….. for more details visit.

R. Palanivelu
Junior Technical Superintendent
044 22575160

Responsibility: Departmental Electrical maintenance, Fabrication and Installation of Temperature Control Circuits, Support in Process Control UG Lab, Equipment Insurance Issues….. for more details visit.

V. K. Raj Kumar
Junior Technical Superintendent

Responsibility: Responsible for running UG lab, Assisting UG/PG students, Responsible for creating safe working environment inside laboratory.

S. Venkatesan
Senior Technician
044 22574150

Responsibility: Working in Biochemical Engineering Laboratory…..for more details visit.

S. RaviKumar
Junior Technician

Responsibility: AV System maintenance, Office automation maintenance, Office administrative work and Computer maintenance, Key duty, leave Register/ Administrative file maintenance, Due Report, office Stationary.

N. Ranjith Kumar
Junior Technician

Responsibility: Auto-cad and 3D Model Drawings for Experimental Prototype, Support in UG Labs Experiments and Workshop Related Fabrication for UG, PG and Research Scholars ……for more details visit.

P. Ranjani
Junior Technician
044 22575164

Responsibility: In-charge of Analytical Facilities includes HPLC, AAS, UV Vis, Gas Chromatography, Member of Safety committee……for more details visit.

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