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Dr. Arun K. Tangirala




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Research Areas

Process systems engineering, control, identification and monitoring, applied signal processing


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Aggarwal, K; Mukhopadhya, S; Tangirala, A K: A prediction framework with time-frequency localization feature for detecting the onset of seismic events. PLoS ONE, 16 (4 April), 2021, ISSN: 19326203. (Type: Journal Article | Links | BibTeX)
Shaji, H E; Vanajakshi, L; Tangirala, A K: Effects of Clustering Feature Vectors on Bus Travel Time Prediction: A Case Study. Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Inc., 2021, ISBN: 9781728191270. (Type: Conference | Links | BibTeX)
Kumar, D; Tangirala, A K: Adaptive Model Predictive Control of Module Temperature in Photovoltaic Systems. Industrial and Engineering Chemistry Research, 2021, ISSN: 08885885. (Type: Journal Article | Links | BibTeX)
Bhattacharya, P; Raman, K; Tangirala, A K: Systems-Theoretic Approaches to Design Biological Networks with Desired Functionalities. Methods in Molecular Biology, 2189 , pp. 133-155, 2021, ISSN: 10643745. (Type: Journal Article | Links | BibTeX)
Acharya, A S; Deevi, S; Dhivyaraja, K; Tangirala, A K; Panchagnula, M V: Spatiooral microstructure of sprays: Data science-based analysis and modelling. Journal of Fluid Mechanics, 912 , 2021, ISSN: 00221120. (Type: Journal Article | Links | BibTeX)


Kathari, S; Tangirala, A K: Scalar correlation functions for model structure selection in high-dimensional time-series modelling. ISA Transactions, 100 , pp. 275-288, 2020, ISSN: 00190578. (Type: Journal Article | Links | BibTeX)
Mann, V; Maurya, D; Tangirala, A K; Narasimhan, S: Optimal Filtering and Residual Analysis in Errors-in-Variables Model Identification. Industrial and Engineering Chemistry Research, 59 (5), pp. 1953-1965, 2020, ISSN: 08885885. (Type: Journal Article | Links | BibTeX)
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