Department of Chemical Engineering


Dr. Sreenivas Jayanti



NAC 444

+91 44 22574168

Research Areas

Fuel cells, combustion, energy systems


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Kota, S B; Ali, S M; Jayanti, S: CFD Study of Thermal Stratification in a Scaled-Down, Toroidal Suppression Pool of Fukushima Daiichi Type BWR. Fluids, 8 (1), 2023, ISSN: 23115521. (Type: Journal Article | Links | BibTeX)
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Jameel, A G Abdul; Dahiphale, C; Alquaity, A B S; Zahid, U; Jayanti, S: Numerical Simulation of Coal Combustion in a Tangential Pulverized Boiler: Effect of Burner Vertical Tilt Angle. Arabian Journal for Science and Engineering, 47 (5), pp. 5647-5660, 2022, ISSN: 2193567X. (Type: Journal Article | Links | BibTeX)
Khan, M M N; Jayanti, S: Minimizing Heat Transfer Resistance in an Integrated Methanol Steam Reformer Designed Using Space-Filling Curves. Industrial and Engineering Chemistry Research, 61 (15), pp. 5255-5271, 2022, ISSN: 08885885. (Type: Journal Article | Links | BibTeX)
Vudisi, P K; Jayanti, S; Chetty, R: Model for Rating a Vanadium Redox Flow Battery Stack through Constant Power Charge–Discharge Characterization. Batteries, 8 (8), 2022, ISSN: 23130105. (Type: Journal Article | Links | BibTeX)
152 entries « 1 of 22 »