Department of Chemical Engineering


Dr. Renganathan T




+91 44 22574186

Research Areas

Hydrodynamics of multiphase systems, Analysis of gasification processes, Inertial and paper based microfluidics

Educational Qualification

  • B. Tech. (Chemical Engg.) Coimbatore Institute of Technology 1996
  • M. Tech. (Chemical Engg.) Indian Institute of Technology Madras 1998
  • Ph. D. (Chemical Engg.) Indian Institute of Technology Madras 2003

Professional Experience


Professor Dr. Y B G Varma Award for Teaching Excellence in Chemical Engineering for the year 2021

  • Under-graduate courses
    • Process Calculations
    • Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics
    • Continuum Mechanics and Transport Phenomena
    • Fluid and Particle Mechanics
  • Post-graduate courses
    • Transport Phenomena
    • Process Analysis and Simulation

Research Areas

  • Hydrodynamics of multiphase systems
  • CO2 capture using solid sorbents
  • Analysis of gasification processes
  • Inertial microfluidics
  • Paper based microfluidics

Current Ph. D. students

  • Jai Ganesh (Jointly with Dr. S. Pushpavanam)
  • Rajesh Choudhary (Jointly with Dr. A. Kannan)
  • Chintala Tirupathi Naidu
  • Yalla Eswararao (Jointly with Dr. S. Pushpavanam)

Current M.S. student

  • Mohit Shah (Jointly with Dr. S. Pushpavanam)

Past Ph. D. students

  • Akash Choudhary (Jointly with Dr. S. Pushpavanam)
  • T.Krishnaveni (Jointly with Dr. S. Pushpavanam)
  • Rahul Trivedi (Jointly with Dr. K. Krishnaiah)
  • S.Sam David (Jointly with Dr. K. Krishnaiah)
  • K.Nagarajan (Jointly with Dr. K. Krishnaiah)

Past M.S. student

  • Aditya Prajapati (Jointly with Dr. K. Krishnaiah)

  1. Hydrodynamic and Liquid Phase Mixing Studies in a Slurry Bubble Column, Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Limited, Rs. 82.5 Lakhs, Apr 2021 – Apr 2023 (Co-PI : Dr. S. Pushpavanam)
  2. AMR and Pollutants: Interactive Studies and Novel Sensor Technologies, DST, NERC (UK), EPSRC (UK), Rs. 268.2 Lakhs, Mar 2018 – Aug 2021, (Co-PIs : Dr. S. Pushpavanam, Dr. R. Ravi Krishna, Dr. Indumathi M. Nambi, Dr. V. Raghavendra Sai, Dr. Gargi Singh)
  3. Development and Testing of Portable Kiln of 1 tonne Capacity for Charcoal Production from Prosopis juliflora, DST, 20.0 Lakhs, May 2019– Nov 2021 (PI : Dr. Abhijit P Deshpande, Co-PI : Dr. S. M. Shiva Nagendra)
  4. Development of Dry Slag Granulation Technology and Energy Recovery System for Blast Furnace Slag for Producing Clinker Compatible Product, Ministry of Steel, 84.4 Lakhs, Mar 2016 – Mar 2020 (PI : Dr. S. Pushpavanam, Co-PIs: Dr. Ajay Kumar Shukla, Dr. Sabita Sarkar)
  5. Development of Technology for Clinker Production through Dry Granulation of BF Slag and Energy Recovery, JSW Steel Limited, 15.0 Lakhs, Sep 2015 – Sep 2018 (PI : Dr. S. Pushpavanam, Co-PIs: Dr. Ajay Kumar Shukla, Dr. Sabita Sarkar)
  6. Design of Chlorine -di-oxide Generator, Vasu Chemical Industries, 5.73 Lakhs, Mar 2015 – Apr 2016 (Co-PI: Dr. K. Krishnaiah)
  7. Studies on pyrolysis of Prosopis juliflora, RUTAG, IIT Madras, 1.0 Lakh, Oct 2011 – Sep 2015 (Co-PI: Dr. K. Krishnaiah)
  8. Dynamic Modelling of a Fluidized Bed Gasifier, Bharat Heavy Electricals Limited, Hyderabad, 17.2 Lakhs, Oct 2011 – Mar 2013 (Co-PI : Dr. S. Pushpavanam)
  9. Development of Simulators and Optimizer for Plasma Enhanced Integrated Gasification Combined Cycle Plant, Korea Institute of Science & Technology, South Korea, 59.1 Lakhs, May 2010 - Dec 2012, (Co-PI : Dr. S. Pushpavanam)
  10. Spray Drying of Potassium Flouride, Tanfac Industries Limited, Cuddalore, 0.55 Lakh, Mar 2011, (Co-PI: Dr. K. Krishnaiah)


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