Doctor of Philosophy

completed :

  • M. Vijayan (1999), “Studies on the hydrodynamics of gas-liquid countercurrent annular flow”,(joint guidance with Dr. A.R. Balakrishnan)
  • S. Murthy Shekhar (2003), “Studies on mixing of high viscosity liquids in stirred tanks”.
  • S. Maharudrayya (2005), “Flow distribution and water balance studies in PEM fuel cells”, (joint guidance with Dr. A.P. Deshpande)
  • B. R. Vijayarangan (2005), “Studies on pressure drop and boiling heat transfer in two phase flow at near critical conditions”, (joint guidance with Dr. A.R. Balakrishnan)
  • K. Eswariah (2005), “Experimental and simulation studies on classification of fly ash and rice husk using a rotating wheel air classifier”,(joint guidance with Dr. S.S. Narayanan)
  • R. Srinivasan (2005), “Mass transfer from a rotating cylinder under laminar and turbulent flow conditions” (joint guidance with Dr. A. Kannan)
  • P. Rajashekhar (2007), “Effect of low frequency oscillations on fluid flow and heat transfer in single phase flow and convective boiling”,(joint guidance with Dr. A.R. Balakrishnan)
  • K.B. Shyam Prasad “Studies on hydrodynamics of interdigitated flow fields used in PEM fuel cells”

On-going :

  • V. Saravanan Kinetics of coal combustion
  • S. Sivaji Oxy-fuel combustion
  • A. Subramani Liquid sodium combustion
  • A. Ramesh Flow optimization
  • B. Ambedkar Coal washing
  • P.V. Suresh Flooding in PEM fuel cells
  • V. Prabu Coal gasification
  • K. Srinivasan Supercritical flow and heat transfer

Master of Science

completed :

  • A. Ganesh Babu (2000), “Studies on the prediction of NOx in gas-fired furnaces using CFD”, (joint guidance with Dr. K. Krishnaiah)
  • S. Balasubramaniyan (2002), “CFD study of the high Weissenberg number problem in viscoelastic flow through a planar contraction”, (joint guidance with Dr. A.P. Deshpande)
  • B. Nagakishore (2003), “Development of a CFD-based model for annular gas-liquid flow”.
  • L. Karunakumari (2003), “CFD and experimental studies of a rotating wheel air classifier”, (joint guidance with Dr. S. S. Narayanan)
  • K. Maheswaran (2003), “Studies on simulation of pulverized coal combustion of high ash coals”.
  • K. Rajesh Reddy (2006), “Effect of spacer grids in single and two-phase flow in rod bundles”
  • D. Kareemulla (2008) “Cross-over and performance modeling of liquid-feed polymer electrolyte membrane direct methanol fuel cells (PEM-DMFCs)”
    M. Siddiqui “CFD analysis of dense gas dispersion for indoor risk assessment”

on-going :

  • N. S. Suresh Direct alcohol fuel cells