Department of Chemical Engineering


Dr. Abhijit P. Deshpande



+91 44 22574169

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Research Areas

Rheology of complex fluids,

polymers and polymeric composites,

processing flow visualization

  1. Drop Spreading and Imbibition of Structured Fluids: Development of a Diagnostic and Screening Tool, SERB SUPRA, Rs 93.03 lakhs, 2021- (Co-PI: Susy Varughese)
  2. Rheology of Composite Propellant Suspension under high Shear and Extension, HEMRL, DRDO, Rs 9.44 lakhs, May 2019-2022
  3. Understanding the Microstructure and Rheology of Root Derived Mucilage and its Interactions with Soil in the Context of Plant Physiology, SERB, Rs 72.09 lakhs, 2020- (PI: Susy Varughese)
  4. Evaluation of Nanoparticle on HPAM Polymer Fluid for Improving the Stability and Rheology, Vedanta Cairn, Rs 20 lakhs, May 2019-2021 (PI: Jitendra Sangwai)
  5. Understanding wax deposition, Chevron, Rs 30 lakhs, 2018-September 2021 (PI: M G Basavaraja)
  6. Large amplitude oscillatory shear of physically aggregating complex fluids: investigation of processes during a cycle, DST, Rs 54.26 lakhs, 2014-2018 (Co-PI: MG Basavaraja)
  7. Analysis of the fate and transport of non-aqueous phase liquids (NAPLs) in porous media under drying, DST, Rs 50.3 lakhs, 2016-2020 (PI: R Ravikrishna, Co-PI: N Chandrakumar).


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