Department of Chemical Engineering

Prospective Faculty

Information For Prospective Faculty

We wish to recruit faculty with original ideas and the drive to realize them. The Institute and the Department provides all encouragement to new faculty in their quest for excellence and leadership in their chosen research areas. Numerous national and international funding agencies are coming forward to support creative ideas and collaborative research projects. IIT Madras also has a research park that encourages entrepreneurship and collaboration with industries on new research ideas.

The Institute has schemes to recruit post-doctoral fellows who are acting as research multipliers in different areas. Our faculty routinely collaborate with both science and engineering faculty from other Departments to tackle problems of inter-disciplinary nature. We also have interdisciplinary PhD programmes where students may be guided by faculty from two different departments. IIT Madras is a self sufficient, green residential campus thriving with wildlife and has all facilities (food courts, open air theatre, hospital, shopping centres) for comfortable living. It is in the centre of the city and well connected to surrounding areas.

We are sure that many of you would like to take part in our Journey to Excellence. The course towards this may seem uncharted with challenges aplenty, but the end results are certain to be satisfying, benefiting the Nation’s economy and society. I hope many of you will consider a career in the Department of Chemical Engineering, IIT Madras.

We look forward to receiving your application.

Requirements of Faculty Application

Please help us by ensuring that your application to our Department is complete in all respects. We expect your application to include the following

  • Curriculum Vitae
  • Detailed Teaching Plan
  • Detailed Research & Consultancy Plan
  • Summary of Research Publications

Please submit the required information as separate documents. send to

Please see below for further details.

Curriculum Vitae

The following information should be included

  • Degrees with CGPA/Class, year of graduation, Department and Institution details
  • Work experience including details on position, institution and duration
  • Current position with contact details
  • Detailed list of publications (peer-reviewed publications in Journals and Conferences, patents and book chapters)
  • Detailed Research & Consultancy Plan
Research plan

A research plan highlighting your proposed research for the next few years must be presented. This can include plans for sponsored research as well as consultancy with industry. In addition to the research plan, you may also provide a summary of your past research activities.

Summary of research publications

Peer Reviewed Journal Publications with full details in chronological order. Please include citation count and journal impact factors (if available)
Patents (Please clearly mention the current status of the patent – details of the filing or if accepted, the patent reference)
Conference Proceedings
Book Chapters

Detailed teaching plan

A Teaching Plan must be provided. This must include a list of core courses and electives that you plan to teach at IITM. A core course masters list can be obtained from the IITM website



You may also include a statement of your objectives and long term interests in coursework development. For those with prior teaching experience, the statement must include student feedback ratings, profile of three best courses taught in the last five years. The statement may also include details of any teaching related awards and participation in teacher development programs as participant or as mentor.

For application, please go to